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DSMMC Songwriting contest

THE DON SKUCE MEMORIAL MUSIC COLLECTIVE has been launched by Peterborough native and Grammy winning musician Greg Wells to support Peterborough area musicians, and honour the legacy of his mentor and friend, musician and guitar luthier Don Skuce.

The Don Skuce Memorial Music Collective will support local Peterborough musicians and songwriters by funding the recording of one song at producer James McKenty’s Peterborough recording studio. Applicants will submit one simple song demo for consideration, and a winner will be announced. The musical style can range from country to classical to pop to rock to polka to punk. It can be a band or a solo singer.

The finished recording will be mixed and mastered by Greg Wells in Los Angeles. There are no strings attached, no cost of any kind to the applicant, and all original ownership of the songwriting and the master recording will belong to the winning applicant.

Led by Peterborough musician and songwriter John Crown, the Collective’s board of adjudicators are established Peterborough musicians. The board will choose the song to be recorded, and determine the recording budget and all recording costs including additional hired musicians if needed. Each recording project will be tailor made to fit every individual situation.

There will be 2 winners per year, one every six months.

Don Skuce had a wise, warm, and generous spirit who loved to support local musicians in their journey. Don’s deep love of music creation will live on through the work of this Collective, and will support and document the musical output of the great city of Peterborough.

Contest Prizes

  • The winner will receive free studio time to track their song at James McKenty’s studio in Peterborough.
  • If additional musicians are required to augment the recording they will be provided at no cost to the winner.
  • The recording will then be sent to Greg Wells for final mixing and mastering.
  • The winner will also receive a free promo photo by John Gearin of Fotojoe.
  • The winner will retain all rights associated with the recording and the song.

Please read the Contest rules and submit your MP3 below.

Song Submission Rules

  • This contest is open to residents and former residents of Peterborough Ontario, Canada.
  • Songs must be original works in any musical genre. These can be music with lyrics, lyrics only, or instrumental pieces.
  • Submissions must be MP3 files for music. If the song has lyrics they should be included in the form below. All files, music and lyric, must be submitted via the website.
  • Each artist or band is allowed one song entry per contest round. Contest rounds happen every six months.
  • Non winning songs can be re-submitted in following rounds, but count as the one submission in that round.
  • Contest winners agree to having their names and images published in print and online media.

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